Our Services

Certificates of Insurance

We will provide all certificates of insurance upon binding coverage. In regards to ongoing certificates you may require throughout the year, our standard protocol is to issue all certificates within 12 hours of receiving the request. In most cases rush request are typically handled within a couple of hours.

Renewal Services

Prior to the renewal of your account, your Producer or Account Manager will communicate with your to discuss your current portfolio and renewal information in order to market your account. Renewal marketing is an important way to control costs.

Service Team

Our service team is comprised as Producer, Manager, Claims Manager and Office Manager. The Producer will always be involved in the account and communication process. The Account Manager will handle the day to day issues with polices, coverage, certificates, etc. The Claims Manager will take all initial claim reports. In addition the Claims Manager will follow – up to insure the claim is handled properly by the insurance carrier who is providing the coverage. The Officer Manager is at your disposal to handle any complicated coverage claim or theoretical issues relative to your insurance.

Periodic Review

We will periodically review your operations and evaluate your risks and exposures to help you determine if your coverage limits and or risk management practices are adequate. This is typically done 120 days prior to renewal and or in our renewal meeting.